Community College and Beyond

Understanding the Transfer Pipeline for Latina/o/x Students

Edited by:
José R. Del Real Viramontes, University of California, Riverside
Marissa C. Vasquez, San Diego State University

A volume in the series: Hispanics in Education and Administration. Editor(s): Frank Hernandez, Texas Christian University. Elizabeth T. Murakami, University of North Texas. Leslie Gonzales, Michigan State University.

Published 2023

As the transfer disparity persists among Latina/o/x community college students and continues to widen for those seeking to complete their baccalaureate degree, we asked ourselves three questions: (1) How do Latina/o/x community college students navigate the transfer preparation and decision-making process? (2) Once at the university, how do Latina/o/x transfer students negotiate their identities and lived experiences as they persist towards graduation and beyond? And (3) What policies, practices, and programs at both two-and four-year institutions facilitate access, persistence, and completion for Latina/o/x community college/transfer students? These reflections prompted us to seek answers. This is the first edited book to provide much needed theoretical and empirical insights on Latina/o/x students who enter postsecondary education through the community college.

Our book offers a comprehensive outlook on the pre- and post-transfer experiences of Latina/o/x students written by scholars and scholarpractitioners working in the field of higher education. In addition, we include specific sections that speak directly to policies, practices, and theory that address transfer pathways for Latina/o/x community college and transfer students.

Foreword, Miguel Ceja. Preface, José R. Del Real Viramontes and Marissa C. Vasquez. PART I: UNDERSTANDING THE PAST TO MAKE WAY FOR NEW FRAMEWORKS. Healing and Sealing the Cracks: Understanding and Supporting Latina/o/x Transfer Student Pathways, Nicole Contreras-Garcia. Towards an Understanding of Streetwise Epistemology to Support Formerly Incarcerated and System-Impacted Latina/o/x Students, Melissa Abeyta, Joe Louis Hernandez, Anacany Torres, and Oscar Duran. PART II: REFLECTIONS OF LATINA/O/X COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENTS. Empowering Community College Scholars to Transfer to a Four-Year University Through the Summer Intensive Transfer Experience PLUS (SITE+), Jannire Ambriz, Cindy Lopez-Ordonez, Sharon Rodas, Stephanie Rubio, Stephen Santizo, Brenda Torres, Jazmin Vivero, Marina K. Williams, Sofia Zaragoza, and Andrew Zepeda Monroy. “Community College Lit That Little Spark in Me”: Engaging Latina Doctoral Students’ Reflections on Navigating Community College, Daisy Ramirez. PART III: PREPARATION, PERSISTENCE, AND SUCCESS OF LATINA/O/X COMMUNITY COLLEGE TRANSFER STUDENTS AT THE FOUR-YEAR UNIVERSITY. Aquí Estamos: Latina/o/x Transfer Students Developing a Sense of Belonging as eSTEMos1 Scholars, Nancy Acevedo. Qualitative Insights of Latina/o Transfer Student Success at a Selective Research Institution, Jesse Enriquez. Hitting the Ground Running: Exploring the Success of Latino Men at Baccalaureate Granting Universities, Cynthia Estrada, Fernando Garcia, and Audrey D. Paredes. Strength in Comunidad: Experiences of Latina/o/x Transfer Students With Racial Microaggressions at an R1 University, Cyndy E. Garcia. Exploring Relationships Between Identity and Transitions Among Latinx Community College Transfer Students, Catherine Hartman, Jeffrey Mayo, and María de los Ángeles DeSantos-Quezada. PART IV: FROM RESEARCH TO PRACTICE: INSIGHTS FROM SCHOLAR PRACTITIONERS ON SUPPORTING LATINA/O/X COMMUNITY COLLEGE AND TRANSFER STUDENTS Understanding How Men of Color Programs at Community Colleges Shape a Transfer Sending Culture for Latino Men, Rodrigo Aguayo, Jorge Segovia, Jorge Burmicky, and Enrique Aguayo. Utilizing Honors Colleges as an Asset-Based Approach to Support Latina/o/x Transfer Student Success, Martha Enciso. Muxerista Portraiture: Lessons From Three Decades of a Mexicana Community College Professor’s Practices to Keep Students Coming Back and Moving Forward, Tanya J. Gaxiola Serrano. Latinx Success Scholars: Community College Transfer Experience in Practice, Lola Rodríguez-Vargas, Libia Chávez-Jiménez, and Iris Trejo-Valencia. Building a Culture of Excellence for Latina/o/x Post-Transfer Students at a Four-Year Public Institution, Michelle Lopez, Martha Enciso, and Sandra Temores-Valdez. Conclusion: Toward Empowering Latina/o/x Students to and Through the Community College and Beyond, José R. Del Real Viramontes and Marissa C. Vasquez. About the Editors. About the Contributors.