Crossing Languages and Research Methods

Analyses of Adult Foreign Language Reading

Edited by:
Cindy Brantmeier, Washington University in St. Louis

A volume in the series: Research in Second Language Learning. Editor(s): Bogum Yoon, State University of New York at Binghamton.

Published 2009

In 2002, this series was launched with its first volume, Literacy and the Second Language Learner, which contained many noteworthy research studies in the learning and teaching of second language reading. The selection of this theme for the series’ entry on the scene demonstrates the importance of the topic of second language reading. Because reading plays a key role in the act of acquiring new knowledge, it is important to understand this complex process. The series again explores this multifaceted and fruitful area of inquiry in this, its seventh volume. In recent years, an explosion of work that strives to create a more complete understanding of second language reading has occurred and researchers today are making gains in fitting together a model of second language reading.

This current volume brings together a range of high quality analyses of adult foreign language reading across languages and research methods. It provides important research findings that will assist foreign language readers and those who support their efforts.

Foreword. Introduction: Foreign Language Reading Research with Adults: A Selected Survey of Variables and Methodologies, Cindy Brantmeier. The Effects of Input Frequency, Temporal Indicators, and Pre-Reading Questions on L2 Reading Comprehension, James F. Lee and Donna Binkowski. Familiarity Effects on Lexical Access during L2 Word Reading, Andrew P. Farley and Gregory D. Keating. Toward a Dependable Measure of Metacognitive Reading Strategies with Advanced L2 Learners, Cindy Brantmeier and Boncho Dragiyski. What Don’t You Understand?: Understanding Misunderstandings in Foreign Language Reading, Dolly J. Young and Constancio K. Nakuma. “It’s Made to Match”: Linking L2 Reading and Writing through Textual Borrowing, Hiram H. Maxim. Comprehension and Compensatory Processing in Advanced L2 Readers, Alan McMillion and Philip Shaw. Gender and Foreign Language Reading Comprehension: The Effects of Strategy Training, Jeanne M. Schueller