Designing Problem-Driven Instruction with Online Social Media

Edited by:
Kay Kyeong-Ju Seo, University of Cincinnati
Debra A. Pellegrino, University of Scranton
Chalee Engelhard, University of Cincinnati

Published 2012

Designing Problem-Driven Instruction with Online Social Media has the capacity to transform an educator’s teaching style by presenting innovative ways to empower problem-based instruction with online social media. Knowing that not all instructors are comfortable in this area, this book provides clear, systematic design approaches for instructors who may be hesitant to explore unchartered waters and offers practical examples of how successful implementations can happen.

Furthermore, it is a reference for instructors who need to solve issues that occur when developing a class utilizing problem-driven instruction with online social media. With the recent exponential growth of Twitter and Facebook, the potential for social media as an educational venue brings an urgent call for researchers to increase their concentration in this area to investigate further the educational possibilities of this format. These factors combined illustrate the mission of this book that is to enable instructors in the areas of instructional design, multimedia, information science, technology, and distance learning to have an evidence-based resource for this underexplored niche in instruction.

Preface. UNIT 1: OVERVIEW. Going from Obsolete to Innovative: Empowering Problem-Based Learning with Online Social Media, Chalee Engelhard and Kay Kyeong-Ju Seo. UNIT 2: K-12 APPLICATION. ReTweeting History: Exploring the Intersection of Microblogging and Problem-based Learning for Historical Reenactments, Victor R. Lee, Brett E. Shelton, Andrew Walker, Tom Caswell, and Marion Jensen. RePowering Reading and Writing: Energizing Content Area Curriculum with Online Social Media, Debra A. Pellegrino and Mary P. Mahaffey. UNIT 3: HIGHER EDUCATION. A Design Model of Harnessing Wiki for Collaborative Problem-Based Instruction in Higher Education, Ying Xie and Seung Kim. Recorded Voice Reflection in Problem-Based Learning Scenarios, Dana A. Tindall and Kay Kyeong-Ju Seo. Using Online Social Media to Facilitate Clinical Reasoning in Entry Level Occupational Therapy Students, Marlene Joy Morgan and Amy Frey Gerney. UNIT 4: BEYOND THE CLASSROOM. Utilizing Social Media for Democratic Service-Learning Practice: A Framework and Guide for Educators, Cara R. Lynch, Elizabeth E. Henry, Lisa V. Bardwell, and Jennifer A. Richter. Design Principles for Problem-Driven Instruction with Online Social Media in Korean Contexts, Jihyun Si and Dongsik Kim. About the Authors.