Informing the Practice of Teaching Using Formative and Interim Assessment

A Systems Approach

Edited by:
Robert W. Lissitz, University of Maryland

A volume in the series: The MARCES Book Series. Editor(s): Hong Jiao, University of Maryland. Robert W. Lissitz, University of Maryland.

Published 2013

This book focuses on interim and formative assessments as distinguished from the more usual interest in summative assessment. I was particularly interested in seeing what the experts have to say about a full system of assessment. This book has particular interest in what information a teacher, a school or even a state could collect that monitors the progress of a student as he or she learns. The authors were asked to think about assessing the effects of teaching and learning throughout the student’s participation in the curriculum.

This book is the product of a conference by the Maryland Assessment Research Center for Education Success (MARCES) with funding from the Maryland State Department of Education.

An Introduction, Robert W. Lissitz. Connecting the Dots: Formative, Interim, and Summative Assessment, Dylan Wiliam, Gage Kingsbury, and Steven Wise. Design of Interim Assessment for Instructional Purpose: A Case Study Using Evidence Centered Design in Advanced Placement, Lori Nebelsick-Gullett, Cindy Hamen Farrar, Kristen Huff, and Sheryl Packman. Integrating Student Standardized and Formative Assessments With the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ Teacher Development Process, Joan Chikos Auchter. Using Assessment Information in Real Time: What Teachers Need to Know and Be Able To Do, Margaret Heritage. The Instructional Influence of Interim Assessments: Voices From the Field, Lisa M. Abrams and James H. McMillan. Sourcing Instructionally Embedded Formative Assessments, William D. Schafer. Marrying Periodic and Summative Assessments: I Do, Kimberly O’Malley, Emily Lai, Katie McClarty, and Denny Way Pearson. Comprehensive Assessment Systems in Service of Learning: Getting the Balance Right, Susan M. Brookhart. Errors in Student Learning and Assessment: The Learning Errors and Formative Feedback (LEAFF) Model, Jacqueline Leighton, Man-Wai Chu, and Paolina Seitz. Toward a Technical Theory for Systems for Learning: The Role of Information, Paul Nichols and Charles DePascale. Productive Formative Assessment ALWAYS Requires Local District Preparation, Rick Stiggins. About the Contributors.