Model Science Teacher Preparation Programs

An International Comparison of What Works

Edited by:
Jon Pedersen, University of South Carolina
Tetsuo Isozaki, Hiroshima University
Toshihde Hirano, Aichi University of Education

Published 2017

This volume will focus on a much need comparison of science teacher preparation from around the world. In recent times (last 5 years) much has been written and communicated both in the popular press and within the annals of research oriented publications about the performance of students international in math and science. Although not a new discussion or debate, many countries are held as exemplars in how they educate their youth and subsequently how they educate their teachers. Given this situation and given the fact that there is ample evidence to show that some countries youth perform better on tests such as the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) and we know that teacher significantly contribute to the performance of students, it is time that we look at the specific attributes of teacher preparation worldwide.

Although this volume will not look at every country that is in the comparator group for PISA and other measures, we have contacted over 18 potential authors in the same number of countries in which there is ample evidence to show successes regarding student performance and quality teacher preparation programs. The intent of the book is not just to report on the “success” of each nation. Rather the intent is to ask authors to take a critical look at the process by which science teachers are educated and share with the reader both the positive and negative aspects of such preparation programs. For all 15 contributed chapters, the editors have analyzed each and from this constructed from the “data” an analysis and report in a final chapter on the exemplary qualities from various nations and make specific recommendations regarding science teacher preparation for the global community.

Introduction, Jon E. Pedersen, Tetsuo Isozaki, and Toshihide Hirano. Science Teacher Education: A Multi‐Country Comparison—United Kingdom, Paul Davies and Ruth Amos. Science Teacher Preparation in Germany, Knut Neumann, Hendrik Härtig, Ute Harms, and Ilka Parchmann. Secondary Science Teacher Education in Finland, Jouni Viiri and Tiina Silander. Evolution of the Aims of French Science Teacher Training: Tensions of Implementation, Magali Fuchs‐Gallezot and Maryline Coquidé. Science Teacher Education in Portugal: From National and Institutional Requirements to the Nature of the Preparation of Teachers, Luís Marques and Nilza Costa. Science Teacher Preparation in Turkey, Hakan Türkmen. Science Teacher Education: A Multi‐Country Comparison of the Israeli System—Critical Look, Nir Orion. Canada: An Overview of Secondary Science Teacher Education Programs, Christine Tippett and Todd Milford. National Requirements for Secondary Science Preparation, Elizabeth Allan. Science Teacher Education in Argentina, Melina Furman and Mariana Luzuriaga. Secondary Science Teacher Education in Australia, Mihye Won, Mark Hackling, and David F. Treagust. Secondary Science Teacher Preparation in the People’s Republic of China, Sudong Pan and Xiaoting Yue. Secondary Science Teacher Education of South Korea, Jongseok Park and Kew‐Cheol Shim. Secondary Science Teacher Education/Training in Japan, Tetsuo Isozaki and Takuya Ochi. International Comparison of Science Teacher Preparation: Various Challenges in Different Contexts, Toshihide Hirano and Jon E. Pedersen. About the Editors.