New Perspectives on Asian American Parents, Students and Teacher Recruitment

Edited by:
Clara C. Park, California State University, Northridge
Russell Endo, University of Colorado
Xue Lan Rong, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

A volume in the series: Research on the Education of Asian Pacific Americans. Editor(s): Clara C. Park, California State University, Northridge. A. Lin Goodwin, Teachers College, Columbia University. Stacey J. Lee, City University of New York.

Published 2009

(Sponsored by SIG-Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans of the American Educational Research Association and National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education)

This research anthology is the fifth volume in a series sponsored by the Special Interest Group - Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans (SIG - REAPA) of the American Educational Research Association and National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education. This series explores and examines the patterns of Asian parents’ involvement in the education of their children, as well as the direct and indirect effects on children’s academic achievement; Asian American children’s literacy development and learning strategies; Asian American teachers’ motivation to enter teaching profession, and strategies to recruit and retain them; the “model minority stereotype” of Asian American students and their socio-emotional development; campus climate and perceived racism toward Asian American college students, etc. This series blends the work of well established Asian American scholars with the voices of emerging researchers and examines in close detail important issues in Asian American education, parental involvement, and teacher recruitment. Scholars and educational practitioners will find this book to be an invaluable and enlightening resource.

Perceptions of Asian Immigrant Families of Children with Disabilities toward Parental Involvement, Lusa Lo. The Process of Asian American Parental Involvement and Its Relationship to Students’ Academic Achievement, Julie T. Nguyen, Sukkyung You, and Hsiu-Zu Ho. Asian American Students’ Second Language Literacy Development in Engaging Literacy Events, Deoksoon Kim. Understanding English Language Learners’ Self-Regulated Learning Strategies: Case Studies of Chinese Children, Chuang Wang, Lan Hue Quach, and Joan Rolston. Identity Conflicts and Negotiations of Chinese English-as-a New Language Children, Xiaoning Chen. Korean Americans in the Teaching Profession, Charles Park. Addressing the Shortage of Asian Bilingual Teachers: A Case Study, Clara C. Park. Behind the “Model Minority” Mask: A Cultural Ecological Perspective on a Vietnamese Youth, Guofang Li. Looking Beyond the Numbers: Asian American College Students’ Perceptions of Campus Climate, Sharon S. Lee, Matthew R. Lee, Teresa A. Mok, and David W. Chih.

"The diversity of the eighteen contributors’ backgrounds (some of them are Asian Americans) and their expertise in Asian American education provide us with diverse perspectives on the current educational situation of Asian Americans. This volume delivers what its title promises. The editors, the contributors, and their published research merit the attention of practitioners, researchers and students who are interested in Asian American education issues, and justifies the book’s claim to 'inform the work of practitioners and policymakers, inspire more researchers ...enrich the knowledge of students ...and enhance an awareness ...of Asian American education.'" Hui Zou Arizona State University in Education Review (Read full review)