Phronesis in Business Schools

Reflections on Teaching and Learning

Edited by:
Wolfgang Amann, HEC Paris
Jenson Goh, National University of Singapore

A volume in the series: Research in Management Education and Development. Editor(s): Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch, Canadian University Dubai. Wolfgang Amann, HEC Paris. Hamid H. Kazeroony, North-West University Business School.

Published 2017

The United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative calls upon business school leaders and professors to significantly up their game. There is a need to enhance phronesis, i.e. wisdom, on how to effectively improve teaching and learning over time. This book gathers insights on self-management, next generation teaching as well as learning, and a business school’s enhanced impact on graduates and society. It collects the rich experiences from a variety of international experts in order to support the learning journey of business school leaders and key faculty members.

Foreword and Acknowledgments. Introduction: The Need to Sharpen the Saw. SECTION I: SELF-MANAGEMENT AS A PREREQUISITE FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE. This Week Has 9 Hours, Arshad Ahmad. The Elusive Balance: Navigating the Paradoxes of an Academic Life, J. B. M. Kassarjian. Teaching and Learning: Toward a Symbiotic Relationship, Danica Purg. Reflections on the IMTA Journey, Jim Ellert. Life as a New Investigator for a Research Educator, Darren Bridgewater. SECTION II: OPTIMIZED TEACHING AND LEARNING EXPERIENCES. Reflection as a Learning Tool for Managers, Marko Maier. The Role of Reflective Challenge-Based Learning in Management Education, Dietmar Sternad. Not All Teaching Is Done by the Teacher, and Not All Learning Is Done by the Student, Irina Petrovskaya, Olga Grineva, and Aigerim Yelibayeva. Engaging Students in Active Learning: My Reflection on the Adoption of the Flipped Classroom Method, Jenson Goh. Teaching Multicultural Groups, Dominika Mirońska. SECTION III: UNDERSTANDING THE ROLE OF BUSINESS AND BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN SOCIETY. Education as an Essential Element of Business Strengthening, Elena Rudeshko. Conceptualizing Business in Society: Incorporating the UNGC PRME Into the Curriculum, Anthony Buono. Business in Society: Why Is Teaching Sustainability in Business Schools Still Difficult? Agata Dembek and Maria Roszkowska-Menkes. Trends in Business School Environments and the Leadership Styles of Deans, Wolfgang Amann. Conclusions: Phronesis for Business Schools and Faculty Members, Wolfgang Amann and Jenson Goh.


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