Radical Thoughts on Ethical Leadership

Edited by:
Carole L. Jurkiewicz, University of Massachusetts Boston
Robert A. Giacalone, Texas State University

A volume in the series: Ethics in Practice. Editor(s): Robert A. Giacalone, Texas State University. Carole L. Jurkiewicz, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Published 2017

Radical Thoughts on Ethical Leadership, provides contributions from established scholars with fresh perspectives on ethical leadership, with challenging viewpoints that have been given little coverage in the literature to date. Radical Thoughts on Ethical Leadership includes theoretical perspectives that are founded on unconventional approaches—radical, “outside the box” ideas that would be difficult to get through the conventional journal review process.

The volume brings together noted researchers from a variety of disciplines and explore non‐mainstream approaches to ethics and social responsibility theory, research, and practice in both business and public administration. Grounded in the established literature and providing insight for researchers, managers/ administrators, or organizations at large, the volume establishes new paradigms for the field of ethical leadership.

Foreword. Preface. You Can Lead a Man to Oughta, But You Can’t Make Him Think: The Disparity Between Knowing What is Right and Doing it, Carole L. Jurkiewicz and Robert A. Giacalone. Public Virtue and the Ethical Dimensions of Leading, J. Patrick Dobel. Shamans, Memes, and Ethical Leadership: The Transformational Role of Shamanic Leadership in Healing the World, Sandra Waddock. The Restorative Potential of Discovery Leadership: Corporate Responsibility as Values‐Informed Participating Consciousness, Diane L. Swanson. Challenges of Decision‐Making for Ethical Leaders in Developmental States, W. N. Webb. Ethical Leadership, Virtue Theory, and Generic Strategies: When the Timeless Becomes Timely, Geoffrey G. Bell, Bruno Dyck, and Mitchell J. Neubert. Ethical Leadership: A Complex and Messy Phenomenon, Leonie Heres, Leo Huberts, and Karin Lasthuizen. Radical Heroic Leadership: Implications for Transformative Growth in the Workplace, Scott T. Allison and Allison Toner. Rethinking Ethical Leadership Using Process Metaphysics, Mark Dibben, Martin Wood, Rob Macklin, and Ronald E. Riggio. Ethics and Accountability in the Age of Predatory Globalization: An Impossibility Theorem? Ali Farazmand. About the Editors.

"It is easy to recommend a book that takes a broad palette to a topic like ethical leadership and accomplishes the project effectively. This is a subject that has become increasingly important in recent years, where leadership has sometimes been most conspicuous in its absence. ... standout material by Waddock, Webb, Farazmand, and the editors themselves ensures the usefulness of this collection. This is a worthy contribution to the literature and is certain to spark discussion and new work in an exciting area of study." Christopher L. Atkinson Walden University in International Journal of Public Administration


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