School Turnaround in Secondary Schools

Possibilities, Complexities, & Sustainability

Edited by:
Coby Meyers, University of Virginia
Marlene Darwin, American Institutes for Research

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on School Turnaround and Reform. Editor(s): Coby Meyers, University of Virginia. Marlene Darwin, American Institutes for Research.

In the continuing quest to turn around the lowest performing schools, rapid and sustainable reform, or school turnaround, seems most elusive for secondary schools. Secondary schools are rife with challenges due to their wide-ranging mission and organizational complexity. With the continued emphasis on college and career readiness and the vast learning possibilities enhanced by technology, our third book in this series, Contemporary Perspectives on School Turnaround and Reform, will focus on rapid school turnaround and reform in secondary schools.

As such, we are calling for chapter proposals that address a wide range of turnaround challenges in secondary schools; schools that generally encompass some combination of grades 7-12. Our hope is that by delving more deeply into turnaround in secondary schools, this book will continue to spur the dialogue among and between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.

We anticipate discussing this call for proposals and the series more at the School Turnaround and Reform SIG meeting at the upcoming AERA meeting in New York City. But we also want to begin moving this work forward now and encourage your submissions for our consideration.

We are open to considering what you want to communicate and how that is communicated. Initially, we are seeking summaries about what your chapter contribution would address. Specifically, we would like to receive the following information in proposed chapter summaries of 500 words or fewer.

Chapter contributions include:
> Conceptual arguments
> Policy analyses or perspectives
> Research findings
> Any combination of the above
> Other ways to consider the work

We are now collecting those proposed chapter summaries. The deadline to submit a chapter proposal is May 31, 2018. We hope to receive initial chapter drafts of approved summaries by August 1, 2018 with the expectation of submitting the third book in this series to the publisher by the end of 2018.

Deadlines for Publications:
Chapter Proposal: May 31, 2018
Approved Chapter Drafts: August 1, 2018
Final book submitted to publisher: December 2018

Send Inquiries to: Marlene Darwin and Coby Meyers at and

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