Storied Inquiries in International Landscapes

An Anthology of Educational Research

Edited by:
Tonya Huber, St. Cloud State University

A volume in the series: Teaching<~>Learning Indigenous, Intercultural Worldviews: International Perspectives on Social Justice and Human Rights. Editor(s): Tonya Huber, Texas A&M International University.

Published 2010

Storied Lives: Emancipatory Educational Inquiry—Experience, Narrative, & Pedagogy in the International Landscape of Diversity contains exemplary research practices, strategies, and findings gleaned from the contributions to the 15 issues of the Journal of Critical Inquiry Into Curriculum and Instruction (JCI~>CI). Founding Editor Tonya Huber initiated the JCI~>CI in 1997, as a refereed journal committed to publishing educational scholarship and research of professionals in graduate study. The journal was distinguished by its requirement that the scholarship be the result of the first author’s graduate research—according to Cabell’s Directory, the first journal to do so. Equally important, the third issue of each volume targeted wide representation of cultures and world regions.

“Current thinking on ...” written by members of the JCI~>CI Editorial Advisory Board explores state-of-the-art topics related to curriculum inquiry. Illustrations, photography (e.g., Sebastião Salgado’s Workers in vol. 2), collage, student-generated art/artifacts, and full-color art enhance cutting-edge methodologies extending educational research through Aboriginal and Native oral traditions, arts-based analysis, found poetry, data poetry, narrative, and case study foci on liberatory pedagogy and social justice action research.

"Teaching/Learning Indigenous, Intercultural Worldviews is a welcome new book series which holds promise for linking narratives of human rights struggles to the growing movement to decolonize scholarship and practice in education for diversity. The series offers a new dialogue space for Indigenous and ally voices—especially for those actively engaged in the work of social justice and work on 'the edge of each other’s battles' (Audre Lorde)." Dr. Beth Blue Swadener Arizona State University

"Storied Inquiries, a 2-volume research anthology into the nature of a teaching and learning life, reveals a textured richness amid a simple complexity into transformative perspectives and un/expected scenarios that engage everyday life and challenge the reader to rethink and maybe even alter her/his teaching and learning imaginary. This anthology challenges the normativity of historically oppressive radioactive tailings due to micro-aggressions and mini-assaults wrought by colonized indoctrination so named schooling. This comprehensive anthology is testament to an editorial vision for libratory scholarship. It is a must read that provides, among its many merits, axiological clarity for praxising a precommitment to love, respect, and dignity for the Self and the Other when engaged in the teaching<~>learning moment." Dr. Rudolfo Chávez Chávez New Mexico State University

"I am so pleased to see the publication of these articles from JCI~>CI, a journal that was very much alive from 1998 to 2004. Most of its articles were written by graduate students, though professors were invited to do forewords and afterwords. I was privileged to be one of these. In doing so, I was astounded at the cutting edge, state-of-the-art work being done. Like the journal from which it evolved, this book contains ideas, inquiries, and modes of expression that challenge curriculum scholars to look deeply within, unleash imagination, strive for greater justice, learn from indigenous perspectives, overcome globalization with diverse world-wide cultural understanding, and cultivate lives that are more fully human through powerful story and beautiful art." Dr. William H. Schubert University of Illinois at Chicago