Teaching Science with Hispanic ELLs in K-16 Classrooms

Edited by:
Dennis W. Sunal, University of Alabama
Cynthia S Sunal, University of Alabama
Emmett L. Wright, Kansas State University

A volume in the series: Research in Science Education. Editor(s): Dennis W. Sunal, University of Alabama. Cynthia S Sunal, University of Alabama. Emmett L. Wright, Kansas State University.

Published 2010

The goal of this fourth volume of RISE was to provide a research foundation that demonstrates an agenda to strengthen the preparation and enhancement of teachers of science for regions and states experiencing extensive initial growth of Hispanic ELLs in schools. The goal was carried out through a series of events that led to the planning and subsequent dissemination of research being conducted by various stakeholders throughout the United States. Researchers were first invited from regions of the country that have had a long history of with Hispanic ELLs in classrooms as well as those regions where initial and now extensive growth has occurred only in the past few years. A national conference Science Teacher Education for Hispanic English Language Learners in the Southeast (SHELLS) funded through the National Science Foundation was used as one of the dissemination methods to establish and secure commitments from researchers to a conduct and report research to strengthen teacher preparation for science. The national call for manuscripts requested the inclusion of major priorities and critical research areas, methodological concerns, and concerns and results of implementation of teacher preparation and development programs.

Preface to the Series. Preface. Acknowledgements. Science Education and Hispanic English Language Learners: The Research Perspective, Cynthia S. Sunal & Dennis W. Sunal. Fostering Scientific Reasoning as a Strategy to Support Science Learning for English Language Learners, Cory A. Buxton & Okhee Lee. Critical Issues in Teaching Science to Hispanic English Language Learners: An Overview. Robert D. Leier & Laureen A. Fregeau. Promoting Science Understanding and Fluency among Hispanic ELLs: Strategies, Explorations, and New Directions, Ann M.L. Cavallo & Patricia Gomez. Synergistic Teaching of Science to English Language Learners: Common Components of Model ELL and Science Instruction, Daniel J. Bergman. Enhancing Content Instruction for ELLs: Learning about Language in Science, Luciana C. de Oliveira. A Framework for the Effective Science Teaching of English Language Learners in Elementary Schools, Trish Stoddart, Jorge Solis, Sara Tolbert & Marco Bravo. Pre-service ELL Science Teacher Preparation in the Southeast United States, Teresa J. Kennedy, Jason T. Abbitt & Michael R.L. Odell. A Pre-Service Science Education Model with Possibilities for Developing Hispanic English Language Learners' Academic Discourse, Elsa Villa & Kerrie Kephart. Transformative Professional Development for In-Service Teachers: Enabling Change in Science Teaching to Meet the Needs of Hispanic ELL Students, Carla C. Johnson. Science as Springboard: Promoting Achievement and Aspiration among Latino English Language Learners in the Secondary School, Bernadette Musetti & Sara Tolbert. A Framework to Support Hispanic Undergraduate Women in STEM Majors, Barbara A. Burke & Dennis W. Sunal. About the Authors.