Advances in Cultural Psychology: Constructing Human Development

In the beginning of the 21st century, a new direction has been emerging at the intersection of developmental and social psychologies, anthropology, education, and sociology - which has become labeled cultural psychology. This fits the vast global social processes of most countries becoming multi-cultural in their social orders, and the World becoming one "global village" - with the corresponding need to know how different parts of that "village" function. The knowledge base of developmental psychology and education has become truly inter-disciplinary, and its applications in the vast variety of cultural contexts need to be informed about varieties of cultural expectations. In that inter-disciplinary synthesis, the knowledge base of contemporary developmental psychology and educational sciences is increasingly international. At the same time, any application of the know-how of the social sciences in the areas of education and social life in any society remain local.

Advances in Cultural Psychology creates an international forum for communicating key ideas of methodology, different approaches to family, relationships, schooling and social negotiations of issues of human development. New perspectives - dynamic systems theory, dialogical perspectives on the development of the self, the role of various symbolic resources in human development, and other new topics of inter-disciplinary kind will figure prominently in the book series. The series will include both monographs and edited books - one of each kind per year, starting from 2005.