Advancing Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Educational Psychology

A Festschrift for Dennis McInerney

Edited by:
Gregory Arief D. Liem, University of Sydney
Allan B. I. Bernardo, University of Macau

Published 2013

Scholars and practitioners in the fields of education and educational psychology have come to agree that conceptions of learning and teaching, student and teacher motivation, engagement, learning and teaching strategies, and by implication, student academic achievement and teacher effectiveness are also influenced by a sociocultural context where the schooling process takes place. This raises the question if educational psychology theorizing and findings can be adopted to inform and guide teaching and learning in different cultures. As such, there is a compelling and timely need for educational psychology researchers to harness advanced cross-cultural research designs and look at the different key facets of student and teacher academic careers from a cross-cultural perspective. Dennis McInerney is one of the key pioneering figures in cross-cultural educational psychology and has also edited a book series on Research on Sociocultural Influences on Motivation and Learning (Information Age Publishing). His ideas and research have inspired many to examine the role of sociocultural context in motivation and learning. This volume is a celebration of McInerney’s numerous and extensive contributions as a scholar, as well as an appreciation of his personal qualities that make him such an inspiring person. In this festschrift, the editors seek to extend the scholarly contributions of Dennis McInerney by inviting internationally recognized and leading educational psychology scholars who have inspired and been inspired by his work to re-examine their research expertise from a cross-cultural perspective. The volume aims to stimulate researchers, scholars, and graduate students in their endeavor to re-look their research from a cross-cultural lens.

Introduction. Advancement of Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Educational Psychology: Continuing the Legacy of Dennis McInerney, Gregory Arief D. Liem and Allan B. I. Bernardo. Section I: Perspectives on Culture in Educational Psychology Research. Culture and Educational Psychology, Hyisung C. Hwang and David Matsumoto. Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Studies in Educational Psychology, Jia He and Fons J. R. van de Vijver. Section II: Reflections on Cross-Cultural Studies in Educational Psychology. Cultivating a “Cultural Imagination” in School Motivation Research: Recommendations for Moving Forward, Ronnel B. King and David A. Watkins. Religion, Culture, Motivation, and Achievement, Martin Dowson and Maureen Miner-Bridges. Journey to Understanding: Future Goals and Achievement Motivation, Stephanie J. Brickman. Toward a Universalist Approach to the Study of Culture and Motivation: A Tribute to Dennis McInerney, Akane Zusho. Section III: Cross-Cultural Investigations in Educational Psychology. Student Conceptions of Assessment across Cultural and Contextual Differences: University Student Perspectives of Assessment from Brazil, China, Hong Kong, and New Zealand, Gavin T. L. Brown. Adolescents’ Civic Engagement: A Cross Cultural Study of Five Asian Societies, Magdalena Mo Ching Mok, Kerry John Kennedy, and Jinxin Zhu. Culture, Context, and Collective Confusion: Exploring Teachers’ Motivation in Cross-Cultural Contexts, Robert M. Klassen, Virginia M. C. Tze, and Tracy L. Durksen. A Tale of Many Countries: A Review of Big-Fish-Little-Pond Effect Research in Different Cultural Contexts, Marjorie Seaton, Herbert W. Marsh, and Philip Parker. Section IV: Cross-Cultural Approaches to Within-Country Comparisons. Social Goals, Sense of Community, and Disconnectedness in School: An Exploratory Study of Three Ethnoreligious Groups in the Philippines, Allan B. I. Bernardo and Jerome A. Ouano. Motivation for Achieving High Marks: Are Anglo and Asian Children in Australian Schools Similar or Different?, Alexander Seeshing Yeung and Danielle Tracey. Aboriginal/Indigenous Students in High School: Understanding their Motivation, Engagement, Academic Buoyancy, and Achievement, Andrew J. Martin, Paul Ginns, Brad Papworth, and Harry Nejad. Motivational Cognitions and Behaviors for Metropolitan Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australian Students: Assessing the Relations between Motivation and School Engagement, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Rhonda G. Craven, Phillip Parker, Gurvinder Kaur, and Alexander S. Yeung. Me, My Classroom, My School: A Mixed Methods Approach to the meE Framework of Motivation, Engagement, and Academic Development, Geoff Munns and Andrew J. Martin. Epilogue. Mapping the Spaces of Cross-Cultural Educational Psychology, Allan B. I. Bernardo and Gregory Arief D. Liem. About Dennis M. McInerney. About the Contributors.