American Educational History Journal

Volume 45 # 1 & 2

Edited by:
Shirley Marie McCarther, University of Missouri-Kansas City

A volume in the series: American Educational History Journal. Editor(s): Shirley Marie McCarther, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Published 2018

The American Educational History Journal is a peer-reviewed, national research journal devoted to the examination of educational topics using perspectives from a variety of disciplines. The editors of AEHJ encourage communication between scholars from numerous disciplines, nationalities, institutions, and backgrounds. Authors come from a variety of disciplines including political science, curriculum, history, philosophy, teacher education, and educational leadership. Acceptance for publication in AEHJ requires that each author present a well-articulated argument that deals substantively with questions of educational history.

AEHJ accepts papers of two types. The first consists of papers that are presented each year at our annual meeting. The second type consists of general submission papers received throughout the year. General submission papers may be submitted at any time. They will not, however, undergo the review process until January when papers presented at the annual conference are also due for review and potential publication. For more information about the Organization of Educational Historians (OEH) and its annual conference, visit the OEH web site at:

VOLUME 45, NUMBER 1, 2018 Editor’s Introduction, Shirley Marie McCarther. ARTICLES. “A People Capable of Self Support”: Black Autonomy and Community Building through Schools in Kentucky during Reconstruction, Marlin Barber. Teaching the “Science” of Character: The Modernist Impulse and Progressive Approaches to Reforming Moral Education in the United States in the Early Twentieth Century, Dennis Gunn. Ruffled Feathers: The Great Speckled Bird as a Record of Student and Youth Activism in Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast, 1968–1976, Katherine Perrotta. Saner Citizens of Tomorrow: Intercultural Education at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Rhonda Gambill. A Thorn in the Side of Segregation: The Short Life, Long Odds, and Legacy of the Law School at South Carolina State College, Alfred D. Moore, III and Christian K. Anderson. VOLUME 45, NUMBER 2, 2018 Editor’s Introduction, Shirley Marie McCarther. ARTICLES. Governing Councils and Their Defining Role in the Development of Campus Greek Communities: The Case of the University of Toledo, 1945–2006, Alexandra Johansen and Snejana Slantcheva-Durst. Challenging Jim Crow Segregated Housing in St. Louis through Community Education: The Narrative of Ruth Harris and Ruth Porter, Vanessa Garry. The Advancement of Teacher Questions in Mathematics Education, Colleen M. Eddy and Eloise Aniag Kuehnert. Counter-Hegemony in Hawai’i: The Success of the Hawaiian Language Immersion Movement, Carl Kalani Beyer. BOOK REVIEW. Smith, Ronald A. 2001. Play-by-Play: Radio, Television, and Big-time College Sport, Nick Pearce.