Facing Challenges and Complexities in Retention of Novice Teachers

Edited by:
Denise McDonald, University of Houston-Clear Lake

A volume in the series: Research in Curriculum and Instruction. Editor(s): Cheryl J. Craig, Texas A&M.

Published 2018

The chapters in the book present in-depth examination of novice teachers’ experiences in Houston area schools during their first-through-third year of teaching. Their professional challenges and the unique conditions in which they must navigate their developing and sometimes fragile teacher identity are comprehensively explored.

Situating Teacher Induction in the Urban Teaching Context: A Journey Through New Terrain as Novice Teachers’ Share Stories of Finding Their Way, Denise McDonald, Cheryl J. Craig, and Gayle Curtis. Walking With Fish, Swimming With Cats: Novice Teachers and Equity, Michele Kahn. “I Feel Like Edith Piaf”: A Novice Teacher’s Expression of Sorrow and Hope, Denise M. McDonald. Jekyll and Hyde: One Teacher—Two Schools, Jean Kiekel. Career Changers’ Experiences as Neophyte Middle School ESL Teachers, Kent Divoll, Leslie Gauna, and Angelica Ribeiro. Experiences From the Field: Voices of Novice Special Education Teachers During Their Induction Years, Bernardo Pohl. Becoming an Art Teacher: Prismatic Experiences of Three Beginning Visual Art Teachers, Carrie Markello. The Gordian Knot of Teacher Induction: When Context Trumps Teacher Preparation and the Desire to Teach, Cheryl J. Craig, Paige Evans, Jing Li, and Donna Stokes. Supporting New English Language Arts Teachers as Nascent Professionals: What Enables and Impedes Their Instructional Designs and Their Intentions to Help Secondary Students Succeed With the Curriculum and Required Assessments, Laura Turchi and Kristen Nance. Care as an Approach for Supporting Induction Years Secondary Mathematics Teachers, Jacqueline Sack and Judith Quander. Integrating Technology in the Classroom: Is It Happening? Xiao Han. When Qualifications are Not Enough: A Latina Spanish Bilingual Teacher’s Decision to Leave, Christine Beaudry and Leslie Gauna. Book Summary: A Big Picture View of Teacher Induction Experiences Across the Disciplines Helping Policy Makers See the Forest Through the Trees, Denise McDonald, Cheryl Craig and Gayle Curtis.

"This book is a must for students studying education who are planning to teach in the future and for current teachers, as well as for people in the administration who make policies so that they can be aware of the problems and customize policies for the retention of teachers in schools." Jyoti Aggarwal and Eya Mahouachi University of Lynchburg in London Review of Education (Read full review)