Girls and Women of Color In STEM

Their Journeys in Higher Education

Edited by:
Nahed Abdelrahman, Texas A&M University
Beverly Irby, Texas A&M University
Julia Ballenger, Texas A&M University, Commerce
Barbara Polnick, Texas A&M University

A volume in the series: Research on Women and Education. Editor(s): Beverly Irby, Texas A&M University. Julia Ballenger, Texas A&M University, Commerce.

Published 2020

The 11 chapters in this book provide a glimpse into the journeys that women from diverse backgrounds and ethnic differences take in their higher education undergraduate or graduate careers. The diverse women include ethnicities of Arabic, Asian, African-American, American Indian, and Latina.

Foreword. Introduction. I Started to Know the Feeling of Being an Outsider: An Arab-American Muslim Woman’s Narrative of Her STEM Education Journey, Woong Lim and Katherine Crawford-Garrett. Comparative Analysis of Enrollment and Degrees Awarded in STEM Field Among Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in Doctoral Universities in Texas, Julia Ballenger, Delores Rice, and Johyun Kim. Focus: Females of Color in STEM, Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Claudette Davis, Kelly Knight, and Danielle Blunt Craddock. From Theory to Practice: Building a Knowledge-Sharing Community of Female Engineering Technology Students, Yen C. Verhoeven, Chelsea BaileyShea, and Elizabeth Dell. Is This Really What I Have to Deal With?! A Critical Exploration of Science Doctoral Culture by Underrepresented Women of Color, Senetta Bancroft. Self-Reflection on Engagement in Virtual Classrooms as the Dual Role: An Asian Woman Graduate Student and Middle-Grade Girl Avatar in STEM, Haiping Hao, Gerald Kulm, and Trina J. Davis. The Community College Experience: Enrollment and Persistence of African American and Latina Women in Computer Science, Jill Denner and Linda Werner. Through Her Eyes: Exploring the Longitudinal Perspectives of Women of Color in STEM Education Programs, Anthony Collatos, Spring Cooke, and Monika McKnight. Turning Points in the Pursuit of STEM Careers: A Mixed-Methods Analysis Focusing on Women of Color, Rachael D. Robnett, Omar Ruvalcaba, Barbara K. Goza, Martin M. Chemers, and Moin Syed. Understanding Equity in Postsecondary STEM: A Transformative Self-Study, Francesca A. White and Gayle A. Buck. What Are the Stakes? Academic Politics and Intersectionality in STEM, Margaret Graham and Jessica L. Lavariega Monforti. About the Editors. About the Contributors.