Imagine a Place

Stories from Middle Grades Educators

Edited by:
Jan Carpenter, Maryhurst University
Amy Lutz, Pacific University, George Fox University
Linda Samek, George Fox University
Micki M. Caskey, Portland State University
William L. Greene, Southern Oregon University
Younghee M. Kim, Southern Oregon University
Jay Casbon, Oregon State University
Maureen Musser, Educational Consultant

A volume in the series: The Handbook of Resources in Middle Level Education. Editor(s): Micki M. Caskey, Portland State University. Steven B. Mertens, Illinois State University.

Published 2017

Imagine a place where passion for learning, authentic connection with colleagues and community, and strengths-based middle grades education thrive. Imagine places of learning and inspiration for teachers, administrators, teacher educators, and teacher candidates. Imagine a Place: Stories From Middle Grades Educators, a new anthology of teacher-written narratives, focuses on educators’ stories that have the power to offer hope, ignite creativity, and provide practical ideas for middle grades teachers.

Imagine a Place is filled with stories of joy, stories of relationships, and stories of finding the treasure in challenging situations that provide powerful insight into the world of teaching young adolescent learners. Along with teacher narratives, the editors of this book provide questions and exercises for thoughtful reflections on the themes and issues raised in each story as well as guidance for the reader to write his or her own account of their middle grades teaching experiences. We invite you to join these teachers in their classrooms as they reflect on their experiences with young adolescents in the place we call school.

Preface. Acknowledgments. SECTION I: WELCOME TO THE “IMAGINE A PLACE” CLASSROOMS, Jay Casbon and Linda Samek. SECTION II: STORIES OF JOY, MEANING, AND DEEP CONNECTION THROUGH CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION, Jan Carpenter. It’s All About Relationships, Michelle Bond Copelin. Mathography: A Tool For Fostering Mathematics Identity, Kasi Allen and Kemble Schnell. Re-Imagining Our Identity: How a Sustainability Class Merges School, Community, and Environment, Ryan King and Margaret Perrow. The Most Important Lesson, Teresa Denney and Allison Eitzen. Going Out and Going Within, Marcia Ososke. Discussion Questions, Jan Carpenter. SECTION III: STORIES OF RELATIONSHIPS AND YOUNG ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT, Micki M. Caskey. Mateo and the Field Guide Manual From Afghanistan, Jennifer Robinson. So Much More than Teaching, Katy Turpen. Is Luke Here Today? Michelle Schwartze. Conversations From the Middle, Janolyn Jones King. The Starfish Effect: It Matters to This One, Casey Gilewski. What It Takes to Win, Lynette Elwyn. Discussion Questions, Micki M. Caskey and Jan Carpenter. SECTION IV: FINDING THE TREASURE IN CHALLENGING SITUATIONS-STORIES OF STUDENTS WHO REMIND US WHO WE ARE, Younghee M. Kim and William L. Greene. Pieces of Work: Seeing Beyond Behavior, George Roberts. A Vulnerable Stanza, Bobbi Kidd. Humility From a Hubcap, Rebecca A. Hendrix. Something About Those Eyes, Jan Carpenter. On Being Ms. Lutz, Amy Lutz. Finding Myself With Teen Writers, Mary Sawyer. All in a Day’s Work, Gail Anderson. Discussion Questions, Younghee M. Kim, William L. Greene, and Jan Carpenter. SECTION V: EXPLORING STORIES-RECOMMENDATIONS AND RESOURCES, Micki M. Caskey. Writing Your Story, Karen Hamlin. An Exercise in Reflection for Teacher Candidates, Younghee M. Kim and William L. Greene. Bibliography of Online and Print Resources, Micki M. Caskey. About the Editors. About the Contributors.


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