Opportunity and Performance

Equity for Children from Poverty

Edited by:
Sam Redding, Academic Development Institute
Linda Cavazos
Allison Layland, Academic Development Institute
Janet Twyman, University of Massachusetts
Bi Vuong

A volume in the series: Opportunity and Performance. Editor(s): Pam Sheley, Academic Development Institute. Sam Redding, Academic Development Institute.

Published 2021

Because everyone from policymakers to classroom teachers has a role in achieving greater equity for children from poverty, this book provides a sweeping chronicle of the historical turning points—judicial, legislative, and regulatory—on the road to greater equity, as background to the situation today. It provides succinct policy recommendations for states and districts, as well as practical curricular and instructional strategies for districts, schools, and teachers. This comprehensive approach—from the statehouse to the classroom—for providing children who come to school from impoverished environments with the education in which they thrive, not merely one that is comparable to others, truly enlists everyone in the quest for opportunity and performance. The next step toward equity may be taken by a governor, but it may also be taken by a teacher. One need not wait for the other.

About the Authors. Preface. Introduction. PART I: TRACING OUR STEPS TOWARD EQUITY CHAPTER 1: Where We Have Landed. CHAPTER 2: The Long and Winding Road. CHAPTER 3: Equity in the Every Student Succeeds Act. CHAPTER 4: Recommendations for States and Districts. References. PART II: POVERTY’S IMPACT ON LEARNING CHAPTER 5: Poverty’s Impact on Learning. References. PART III: DISRUPTING POVERTY’S IMPACT ON LEARNING CHAPTER 6: Disrupting Poverty’s Impact on Learning. CHAPTER 7: The Problem. CHAPTER 8: The Solution. References. PART IV: MEASURING PROGRESS CHAPTER 9: Measuring Progress. Appendix.