Opportunity and Performance

The audience for publications in education and human development is vast and varied, but the central concern is constant: How best do we educate and raise our children? The “we” in this statement includes families, communities, teachers, school leaders, and state policymakers, all of whom form a loosely joined system of support for each child. The performance of each child is seen in the child’s progress as a learner, success in school, personal competence and confidence, and social and emotional growth. The child’s performance relies heavily on the performance of the people who form the child’s system of support. Performance, for children and adults, is largely a function of the opportunities provided them. This series examines systems of support (family, classroom, school, district, state agency) and the people who populate them, synthesizing relevant research and offering practical guidance. The authors balance their concern for the effectiveness of organizations with their unwavering regard for the dignity and humanity of the people within them. The writings give focus to how children (and adults) learn, why they learn, and what learning is most beneficial to them. The perspective is optimistic, reflecting a belief in the ability of people and their organizations for self-enhancement when empowered with knowledge and opportunity. The publications encourage collective action and provide concrete processes to guide it.