Optimizing Talent

What Every Leader and Manager Needs to Know to Sustain the Ultimate Workforce

Linda D. Sharkey
Paul H. Eccher

A volume in the series: Contemporary Trends in Organization Development and Change. Editor(s): Peter F. Sorensen, Benedictine University. Therese F. Yaeger, Benedictine University.

Published 2011

Optimizing Talent is the must have book for every leader and manager looking to sustain the ultimate workforce. Linda and Paul show what works and what doesn’t in talent initiatives to drive business outcomes. This book is a call to action to transform how you think about talent, how you develop and retain talent and how you measure the impact of talent initiatives on the bottom line.

Preface. Foreword. Acknowledgements. 1 Getting Started. 2 Overview of the Talent Optimization Framework and Survey. 3 Optimizing the Talent Pool: Results and Findings. 4 Leadership and Culture: The Glue that Holds the Organization Together. 5 Strategic Alignment: The Underpinnings of the Organization. 6 Talent Assessment: The People-Strategy-Performance Link. 7 Performance Management: The Fallacy of the Current Systems. 8 Learning and Development: Maximizing the Talent Pool. 9 Human Resources Capability: The Keeper of Culture. 10 Talent Data Analytics: High-Impact Measurement that Matters. 11 Pulling It All Together: Becoming a Talent Optimizer. About the Authors

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