Teaching Large Online and Blended Classes

Edited by:
Selma Koc, Cleveland State University
Marius Boboc Ed.D., Cleveland State University

Published 2022

As the demand for online learning grows, designing and managing large classes in online and blended learning environments can be challenging for faculty. This book aims to provide practical assistance to higher education faculty who teach large online or blended classes. The authors who contributed to the book include higher education faculty, instructional designers, facilitators in providing faculty development and researchers with years of experience and understanding as well as interest in improving the effectiveness of large online classes. They share their experiences in designing and delivering active, engaging, collaborative teaching and learning by using innovative technology tools and instructional strategies.

We hope that this book adds to the relevant literature by continuing conversations started before the COVID-19 pandemic but brought to the fore by it. Moving forward, it is our intent to provide readers with examples of how instructors around the world adapted to the new reality of teaching online since early 2020. Distilling what has worked and why from areas that require further analysis would benefit us all by identifying strategies, structures, support services, and policies that could augment online education, with a particular focus on large virtual classes.

Preface. Reflecting on Two Decades of Online and Blended Learning at an Australian Multi-Campus University, Steven Pace. Teaching Large Online Classes: Strategies to Structure and Support Supersized Learning, Peggy Semingson and Karabi Bezboruah. Building a Better Large Blended Course, Jami Nininger and Miriam R. Abbott. Using a Blended Learning Approach in a Large Community Engagement Course, Martina Jordaan and Dolf Jordaan. Physically Distant but Socially Connected: Building Community in Large Online or Blended Courses, Michael Porterfield and Jennifer McKanry. Strategies for Collaborative Learning in Large Online Classrooms, Marcus Schultz-Bergin and Erin Avram. Engagement and Critical and Ethical Thinking—Effective Online Teaching with Large Online Student Cohorts: Anti-Racist Pedagogy and First Nations Studies, Mary Frances O’Dowd. Instructional Design and Faculty Partnership for a Standards-Aligned Online Course Design for Large Classes, Manuella B. Crawley and Vivian LeAnn Krosnick. Faculty Learning about Teaching Large Online Classes Remotely: Reflections of Faculty Developers, Joanne E. Goodell, Judith Ausherman, Marius Boboc, Shamone Gore-Panter, Selma Koç, Sarah Rutherford, and Marcus Schultz-Bergin. Building an Adaptive Online Learning Environment: Learners’ Perspectives and Satisfaction, Emre Emrah Özkeskin and Cengiz Hakan Aydın. Building a Human–AI Framework for Teaching Large Online Classes, David Stein and Shen Ba. About the Editors.