Write On! Math

Note Taking Strategies That Increase Understanding and Achievement 3rd Edition

Robert Gerver

Published 2018

Student success in mathematics is dependent on focusing in class, practice, and the ability to verbally express mathematical thoughts. Write On! Math is a program that engages secondary school mathematics students in on-going writing projects that will strengthen their focus, their mathematics, and their oral and written communication skills. The program teaches technical writing strategies while demonstrating seven different levels of note taking and dozens of strategies to improve the sentence structure of students’ mathematical explanations. Today’s curricula and extensive testing policies require students to supply written explanations as part of their answers.

Write On! Math will systematically teach students how to take better notes in math class. There is no better way to ensure you know something well than to have to teach it to somebody else, and the Write On! Math program requires students to do exactly that—that is why it improves their mathematics as well as teaches them valuable communication and writing techniques not taught in Humanities classes.

For teachers using the program, Write On! Math will improve they way you, as a teacher, present material to your students in class and on your handouts! For students using the program, the strategies will apply to college classes and to other disciplines in addition to mathematics.

Introduction: Why Focus on Writing in Mathematics? 1. The Importance of Clear Communication. 2. The Notes You Take in Math Class. 3. Technical Writing Strategies. 4. Samples of Actual Student Writing. 5. Oral Presentations.


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