Women and Leadership

In association with the International Leadership Association

Women and Leadership: Research, Theory, and Practice is a new series of books that will be published in upcoming years to inform and leadership scholars and practitioners. This publishing project represents a synergistic initiative involving the International Leadership Association, Information Age Publishing, and three leadership scholars (Drs. Faith Wambura Ngunjiri, Susan R. Madsen, and Karen A. Longman); the series emerged from the expanding work of ILA’s Women and Leadership Affinity Group.

The overall series will be cross-disciplinary and will represent organizational/institutional, national, and international perspectives. Each volume will focus on a specific theme, with chapters related to relevant research, theory, and practice. Across the series, a goal is to enhance knowledge and application about the leadership experiences and leadership development of women in different sectors, geographic regions, and personal/professional contexts.

The intended audiences for volumes include: (1) leadership scholars, researchers, educators, and leadership development practitioners; and (2) future, emerging, and current leaders in various sectors. Volume editors and chapter authors will be committed to speaking clearly and confidently about the theory, research, and best practices in a voice that is understood by readers across a variety of settings. Research reported must be grounded in and consistent with the best and latest research.