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Educational Research and Schooling in Rural Europe

"The editors have paved the way for ongoing, interesting and relevant discussions. They have argued strongly for considerations of theory and have highlighted the complexities, plurality and diversity of rural Europe. In raising awareness of “the diversity, the resource, and potential of rural school contexts in Europe” (p. 352), the discussions need to continue." Robyn Henderson University of Southern Queensland Australian and International Journal of Rural Education

Student-Centered Research

"Pelech's book serves as a valuable resource to readers ... who use constructivist theory in our teaching and pre-service methods courses. In addition, the book would be useful to instructors who are curious how education theory and the authentic practices of action research can be blended." James A. Anderson, Jr. Lander University Education Review

Inclusive Education

"Given the generally fragmented approaches in the literature regarding inclusive education, a systematic approach especially geared to administrators within higher education, PK–12 schools, local and state education agencies, and state and local policymakers is much needed. This book offers examples of systemic, coherent, and well-designed change efforts that have the potential of advancing inclusive education." Margo Collier University of New Mexico School Community Journal


"Changemakers! Practitioners Advance Equity and Access in Out-of-School Time Programs, edited by Sara Hill and Femi Vance (Information Age) provides a thorough (and long overdue) examination of youth development policy and practice in the context of White supremacy, systemic oppression, and other forms of inequity. It offers a valuable introduction for those new to the field and for veterans just now starting to consider more equitable approaches to their work." April Riordan April Riordan Journal of Youth Development

Cultivating Rural Education

"This was a refreshing, well-rounded book, with a variety of authors with varying expertise areas who provided honest discourse and suggestions to improve the rural education system. This book could easily be infused into a field experience class at the university level, designed to expose students to the benefits of living and teaching in rural areas." Kathleen Randolph University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Teachers College Record

The Art and Science of Mentoring

"I recommend this book to graduate students in need of inspiration of how effective mentoring can transform people. The book is also suitable to mentoring scholars who will benefit from the nuggets of knowledge presented in the book that will get you thinking (it did me). The book is also a good reference for the latest trends and research on mentoring. Like Kochan, the book is unique in its readability and inclusion of scholarship and inspiration." Laura Lunsford Campbell University International Journal of Mentoring

Creating School Partnerships that Work

"...each case in Creating School Partnerships That Work is relevant to teacher preparation programs in the process of restructuring programmatic goals toward teaching for social justice, facilitating critical service learning initiatives and deeper pedagogical knowledge. The multiple contexts are nuanced and relatable to multiple audiences aiming to improve programmatic efforts. The cases are multifaceted in scope; explicitly detail their step-bystep restructuring efforts; reflect on key player roles across district, university, and community contexts and outcomes; and acknowledge the significance of revisiting their goals for revising strategies toward promoting long-term sustainability." K. Dara Hill University of Michigan School Community Journal

Behavioral Science in the Global Arena

"In Behavioral Science in the Global Arena, Elaine Congress, Harold Takooshian, and Abigail Asher have carefully edited a volume focused on the United Nations (U.N.) and the significance and relevance of behavioral sciences to its mission. As the U.N. celebrates its 75th year in 2020, the volume is an especially timely contribution, and surprisingly unique, in that whereas many books have been written about the U.N., the present one is arguably the first with this emphasis. This book is one with clear implications for readers of this American Psychological Association (APA) Division 48 Peace & Conflict journal, given their demonstrated interest and efforts to apply behavioral science to conflict resolution." Grant J. Rich University of Chicago Peace and Conflict

Social and Emotional Learning in Out-Of-School Time

"Most books on SEL only mention individual SEL assessments and program evaluations and do not include the research base to substantiate the instruments. This book offers numerous assessments, strategies, program recommendations, and evaluations to make the lives of individuals better by implementing good, research-based SEL." Mary M. Murray Bowling Green State University School Community Journal

At Our Best

"the ideas presented in At Our Best provide a critical examination of youth–adult partnerships through a variety of texts and diverse viewpoints. The combination of quality research and heartfelt essays create space where practitioners, researchers, and program coordinators can come together to better understand the intricacies of youth–adult relationships. At Our Best helps us explore ways to best support and grow these relationships in our own programs and communities." Katie Black Blinn College School Community Journal

Teaching STEM to First Generation College Students

"The book displays a unique ability to connect decades of instructional experience in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), classroom observations in student learning patterns, and current literature in higher education. Horowitz extensive teaching experience allows her book to connect teaching techniques for STEM students with self-regulated learning skills for first-generation college students.
" Jacob T. Tucker Azusa Pacific University Journal of College Student Retention

Measure, Use, Improve!

"This book would make good reading for practitioners just entering the field. (The whole series is a gift to anyone looking to create a strong syllabus for a youth development course!) More seasoned practitioners, researchers, evaluators, and funders will also benefit from the book’s historical perspectives and lessons learned." Elizabeth J. Starr Wellesley Centers for Women Afterschool Matters

Queering Spirituality and Community in the Deep South

"Queering Spirituality and Community in the Deep South, edited by Strunk (Auburn Univ.), is a relevant and significant contribution to the literature on a region ripe for more study in terms of its queer culture. This collection, part of the "Research in Queer Studies" series, illuminates the South's dominant relationship with religion and its intersectionality with LGBTQ lives. Readers will appreciate essays on queer spiritualities in section 1, queer analysis of the religious right and Anita Bryant in section 2, and queer communities in section 3. The volume builds on common themes, such as backlash against LGBTQ anti-discrimination legislation meant to protect queer workers' rights, thriving LGBTQ communities attacked out of local government fears of becoming gay tourist meccas, and evidence to refute the myth that the South was actually devoid of queer communities when compared to the nation's largest cities. Contributors also allude to progress made; in "At a Crossroads: Growing Up Christian and Queer in the South," Denise L. Levy contends that "as they survive and thrive, LGBTQ individuals in the South impart stories of resilience, courage, advocacy, and hope for the future" (p. 43).

Summing Up: Recommended. General readers and upper-division undergraduates through faculty." J. Goins University of Texas Rio Grande Valley CHOICE

Behavioral Science in the Global Arena

"This book provides state-of-the-art analysis of what behavioral scientists can actually do to address the diverse global challenges today. Each chapter focuses on a specific topic, attempting to “boil the ocean” to manageable development goals, surveying concerns from the environmental climate action to increasing happiness." Dinesh Sharma Ph.D. Leaders in the Making Psychology Today

Research on Teaching Global Issues

"In sum, Research in Teaching Global Issues spans far-reaching GCE-related topics ranging from teacher education to student engagement, from curriculum frameworks to an interdisciplinary whole-school approach, from school-university partnerships to innovative global studies programs, and from new conceptual models to novel pedagogical practices. For aspiring and established GCE scholars, the book offers insight into recent related literature and an opportunity to consider and analyze new perspectives. For teachers, department chairs, and directors of curriculum and instruction, the book offers lessons from on-point case studies. And, for scholar-practitioners, it is a how-to guide to translate research into practice and reflect on the multi-purpose value of GCE." Evan Saperstein William Paterson University Journal of International Social Studies

Behavioral Science in the Global Arena

"This book tells many stories about Behavioral Sciences at the United Nations (UN). It gives insights in important issues of the UN’s 17 “Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs)” (United Nations General Assembly, 2015) and how behavioral science contributes to these goals. It addresses different readers in various contexts, professionals and students. It is an excellent and exorbitant educational textbook for students and interested readers who want to know more about the projects and accomplishments of the UN.

The editors are three UN representatives, most of the chapters are authored by a leading expert in that specialty, together with a student intern working with the UN, so a profound insight of UN issues is provided." Roswith Roth University of Graz Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics

Facing Challenges and Complexities in Retention of Novice Teachers

"This book is a must for students studying education who are planning to teach in the future and for current teachers, as well as for people in the administration who make policies so that they can be aware of the problems and customize policies for the retention of teachers in schools." Jyoti Aggarwal and Eya Mahouachi University of Lynchburg London Review of Education

Tracks to Infinity, The Long Road to Justice

"What we have, then, with Tracks to Infinity, the Long Road to Justice: The Peter McLaren Reader, Volume II (Pruyn, Malott, and Huerta-Charles 2020) is an excellent confrontation with today’s capitalism which, with background reading and work, can provide a wide variety of readers with a way of moving the conversation forward. Otherwise, it’s what we have, which is economics for permanent debtors and politics for lesser-evil candidates." Samuel Day Fassbinder DeVry University Postdigital Science and Education

Culturally Competent Engagement

"In their daily work, the authors teach and help transform groups toward healthy cultural engagement in and out of their classrooms at James Madison University and Seven Sisters Community Development Group, LLC. Ed and Noorie both have extensive lived experience in diverse cultures that supports their academic research and the writing of this book. Although geared for instructors, practitioners, and other leaders, one can join this as a self-guided tour with any level of willingness and openness to personal growth and integration.

I recommend not only reading this book, but fully participating in the work wherever you are on the journey of cultural competence. A quote used several times intentionally throughout the book is from Lilla Watson, an Australian Aboriginal educator and activist, “If you have come to help, you are wasting your time. If you have come because your liberation is bound in mine, then let us walk together.”" Jessica Del Pozo, Ph.D. Lemke Health Partners Psychology Today

Negotiating Place and Space through Digital Literacies

"Edited by Pyles (Appalachian State Univ.), Rish (SUNY, Buffalo), and Warner, an independent scholar—early-career researchers working in southern regions and/or rural communities in the US—this text examines the spatial turn: the “fundamental realization that all space is socially produced.” Articles include digital media explorations through media-artsintegrated curriculum by the Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education, mediating dialogue in Talkbass (a virtual affinity space for people who play the bass guitar), the use of cyber-trolls to mediate virtual conversations on queering text, social loafing online in a global collaboration project through "throwntogetherness" in a 24/7 digital literacy landscape, and "translanguaging" strategies to learn across online languages and culture. Other articles describe student uses of digital literacies to examine their personal and rural communal identities, "counterstorytelling" about southern peoples and places, indigenous activism in the digital sphere, online and street place attachments in Hull (the 2017 UK City of Culture), and the creation of an ecomuseum for Latiano, Italy. The text concludes with discussions on overcoming immobilizing literacies, the #besomebody project for student aspirations, tacit modalities for meaning making, Argentinian social imaginaries of self and other, and virtual carrels for "scholarly-ness."" D. L. Stoloff Eastern Connecticut State University Choice Connect
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