Leadership, Schools, and Change

The purpose of this book series is to promote research that explores various aspects of leadership, schools and change, and also studies that explore the complex relationships between them. We see the series as international in scope, and as such, while not compulsory, we encourage potential authors and editors from around the world to submit their ideas to the series. Specifically, we seek edited volumes, textbooks, and full-length studies focused on research that explores the ways that leadership makes a difference (both positive and negative) for students, teachers, administrators and communities. Possible topics include, but are not restricted to the following issues:

• Leadership for social justice
• Race, class, gender and educational leadership
• Student engagement, voice and leadership
• Ethnicity, culture and school leadership
• Leadership for Rural Schools
• School reform
• Parents and communities
• Educational policy, change and leadership
• School leadership preparation
• Research methodologies and educational leadership

And many, many others...please contact us with your ideas and questions!

Proposal and Manuscript Submission Process

We invite you and your colleagues to submit a book proposal of approximately 5-8 pages. All proposals will undergo editorial team and/or blind peer review. Proposals should include the following sections:

• Introduction and overview: Explain the scope of the book project and explain how it is grounded in and extends the extant research base, broadly conceived. Proposals should be aligned with the purpose of the Information Age Publishing Leadership, Schools, and Change Book Series.

• Summary of contents: Provide a proposed table of contents, brief synopsis of each chapter, and an approximate page count for each chapter, including any references and appendices.

• Timeline: The timeline should include initial phases of the publication process that will lead to initial submission of chapters. From that point, accepted manuscripts will undergo editorial and blind peer review.

Please note that while we encourage many kinds of proposals, including textbooks, edited volumes, and full length studies, we expect all proposals to be grounded in appropriate inquiry perspectives. We look forward to hearing from you!

Editorial / Advisory Board
1. Jane Wilkinson (Monash, AUS)
2. Richard Niesche (University of New South Wales, AUS)
3. Scott Eacott (University of New South Wales, AUS)
4. Martin Mills (University College London, UK)
5. Amanda Keddie (Deakin University, AUS)
6. Judy Alston (Ashland University, USA)
7. Kara Finnigan (Rochester, USA)
8. Floyd Beachum (Lehigh University, USA)
9. Terry Orr (Fordhan University, USA)
10. Rosa Rivera-McCutchen (Lehman College, USA)
11. Ellyn Lyle (Yorkville University, Canada)
12. Melanie C. Brooks, Monash University, AUS)
13. Anthony H. Normore (California State University-Doinguez Hills, USA)
14. Juan Niño (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA)
15. Anjale Welton (University of Illinois, USA)
16. Susan Faircloth, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
17. Noelle Witherspoon Arnold, Ohio State University
18. Gaetane Jean-Marie (University of Northern Iowa, USA)
19. Terrance Green (University of Texas, USA)
20. Izhar Oplatka (TAU, Israel)