Issues in the Research, Theory, Policy, and Practice of Urban Education

This series focuses on contemporary issues related to education in urban contexts. Our primary aim is create a substantive body of research and scholarship that can contribute to the field and improve understanding of the theory, practice, and policy of urban education. We are particularly interested in books, research studies, as and single authored and edited volumes which provide critical and/or innovative perspectives on urban education and examine how is currently conceived, enacted, and transformed in educational contexts.

We invite manuscripts which are focused on the following and related issues:
Race and Ethnicity
Poverty and Socioeconomics
Equity, Access, and Outcomes
Ethics, Morals, and Values
Multiculturalism, Antiracism, and Social Justice
Social Class and Privilege
Gender and Sexuality
Policy, Practice, and Politics
Community Relations
Leadership and School Improvement
Accountability, Achievement, and Assessment
Multinational, Global, and Comparative Approaches

Manuscript Proposal Process
Proposals should be approximately 6-8 pages and should be submitted to Denise Armstrong ( or Brenda McMahon (

Please provide the following information for the purpose of our editorial review:

Overview and Statement of Purpose: A brief outline of the focus, rationale, objectives, and purpose of your book. What approach(es) or perspective(s) do you use? Does your book address a need in the field? How is your book different from other texts that focus on urban education? Who is your potential target audience and market? Is your book intended to be a core or supplementary text?

Content: An outline your proposed table of contents, a synopsis of each chapter. Indicate the approximate length of each chapter and the total manuscript. Also include at least two chapters, as well as your references, figures, and appendices.

Publication Schedule: Proposed timelines for completion

Author Information: An outline of the experience(s), background, qualifications, etc., that inform your project.

Books in this Series: