Volume 3 #2, 2006

1. Editorial: A Global Intellectual Collage
Bharath Sriraman (USA)

2. A classification of strategies employed by high school students in isomorphic combinatorial problems
Martina Janáková and Jaroslav Janáek (Slovak Republic)

3. Numbers and Polynomials- 50 years since the publication of Wittgenstein’s Bemerkungen über die Grundlagen der Mathematik (1956): Mathematical and Educational reflections
Giorgio T. Bagni (Italy)

4. An In-depth Investigation of the Divine Ratio
Birch Fett (Montana, USA)

5. The Effects of Blended E-Learning on Mathematics and Computer Attitudes in Pre-Calculus Algebra
Balarabe Yushau (Saudi Arabia)

6. Using Manipulatives in Mathematical Problem Solving: A Performance-Based Analysis
Catherine A. Kelly (Colorado, USA)

7. Frames of Reference and Achievement in Elementary Arithmetic
Eddie M. Gray (UK) and Demetra Pitta-Pantazi (Cyprus)

8. World-Class high quality mathematics education for all K-12 American Students
Om P. Ahuja (Ohio, USA)

9. Sunrise... Sunset...
Alex Friedlander and Tzippora Resnick (Israel)

10. How students conceive function: A triarchic conceptual-semiotic model of the understanding of a complex concept
Iliada Elia (Cyprus) & Panayotis Spyrou (Greece)