Journal of Character Education

Vol. 10 #1, 2014

From the Editors, Jacques S. Benninga, Marvin W. Berkowitz, and Daniel R. Ayala


The Coming Apart of America’s Civic Culture, Charles Murray.

The Promise and Peril of Coming of Age in the 21st Century, Daniel Lapsley.

Reflections on Murray, Lapsley, and Educating for Character in the 21st Century, Thomas Lickona.

With Liberty and Justice for All: Character Education for America’s Future, F. Clark Power.

The Future of Character Education and Social-Emotional Learning: The Need for Whole School and Community-Linked Approaches, Maurice J. Elias.

The Foundation for Democracy: School Climate Reform and Prosocial Education, Jonathan Cohen.

Virtue: An Argument Worth Rehearsing, Karen E. Bohlin.

Easing the Transition to Middle Adolescence: Educational Implications, Kathy Beland.

It’s Unanimous: Effective Character Education Isn’t Quick or Superficial and It Begins With Caring Relationships, Russ Sojourner.

A Character Education Research Perspective for the 21st Century, Matthew Davidson.


Out of Character: Surprising Truths About the Liar, Cheat, Sinner (and Saint) Lurking in All of Us, Reviewed by Mary Estelle Anderson.

Character Compass: How Powerful School Culture Can Point Students Toward Success, Reviewed by Daniel A. Ayala.

How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character, Reviewed by Jose Reyes.