Journal of Character Education

Vol. 8 #1, 2010

EDITOR’S COMMENTS, Marvin W. Berkowitz. GUEST EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION. The EQUIP Program: Towards an Evidence-Based Program for the Prevention and Reduction of Antisocial Behavior, Daniel Brugman and John C. Gibbs. INVITED COMMENTARY. The Moral Education Miracle at the Franklin County Community Based Corrections. Facility: The Influence of Moral Culture, Clark Power. ARTICLES. Responsible Adult Culture(RAC): Cognitive and Behavioral Changes at a Community-Based Correctional Facility, Renee S. Devlin and John C. Gibbs. The Impact of a Psycho-Educational Prevention Program for Behaviorally At-Risk. Students: EQUIP For Educators, Ann-Marie DiBiase. Using EQUIP for Educators to Prevent Peer Victimization in Secondary School, Kevin van der Meulen, Laura Granizo, and Cristina del Barrio. Effects of EQUIP for Educators on Students’ Self-Serving Cognitive Distortions, Moral Judgment, and Antisocial Behavior, Floor van der Velden, Daniel Brugman, Jan Boom, and Willem Koops. RESOURCES. Annotated List Of Equip Resources. BOOK REVIEW. The Development and Structure of Conscience, edited by W. Koops, D. Brugman, T. J. Ferguson, & A. F. Sanders (2010), Hoe and New York:Psychology Press Gerhard Minnameier