Journal of Character Education

Vol. 7 #2, 2009

SPECIAL ISSUE: The Social and Character Development Research Program Guest-edited by Tamara M. Haegerich.

ARTICLES: The Social and Character Development Research Program: Development, Goals, and Opportunities, Tamara M. Haegerich and Edward Metz. Elementary School-Based Programs Theorized to Support Social Development, Prevent Violence, and Promote Positive School Climate: Description and Hypothesized Mechanisms of Change, Brian R. Flay, Marvin W. Berkowitz, Melinda C. Bier, and Social and Character Development Consortium. Development and Validation of Outcome Measures for the School-Based Jennifer Wyatt Kaminski, Corinne David-Ferdon, and Victor A. Battistich. Approaches to Measuring Implementation Fidelity in School-Based Program Evaluations, Leonard Bickman, Manuel Riemer, Joshua L. Brown, Stephanie M. Jones, Brian R. Flay, Kin-Kit Li, David DuBois, William Pelham Jr., and Greta M. Massetti. Methodological Considerations in Evaluating School-Based Programs to Promote Social Competence and Reduce Problem Behavior, Greta M. Massetti, Hugh Crean, Deborah Johnson, David DuBois, and Peter Ji.

COMMENTARIES Next Steps for Research on SACD Programs: Embracing Complexity, Marc S. Atkins, Elisa S. Shernoff, and Ané Maríñez-Lora. A Commentary for the Special Issue on the SACD Research Program, Philip M. Brown.