What Works in Distance Learning


Harold F. O'Neil, University of Southern California/CRESST

Published 2005

This book documents progress to date in what works in distance learning (DL). An overriding goal of this effort was to create a robust and clear set of design guidelines to support the next generation of DL training. The book is targeted mainly toward the research and program management communities. A companion book contains a set of lessons organized by guideline area. The lessons depict specific guideline areas in terms of how a particular guideline would look instantiated in a lesson.

Background and Purpose, Harold F. O’Neil, Eva L. Baker, and William Bewley. Multimedia Strategies, Richard E. Mayer. Instructional Strategies, Richard Clark. Learning Strategies, Myron H. Dembo and Linda Gubler Junge. Assessment Strategies, Eva L. Baker, Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz, Jia Wang, and David Niemi. Motivation Strategies, Richard Clark. Self-Regulation Strategies, Harold F. O’Neil and Sanhui (Sabrina) Chuang. Management Strategies, Edward Kazlauskas. Transition and Implementation Issues, Harold F. O’Neil.