Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 5 #1, 2010

Guest Editor's Preface: Allen Thurston 1. Cooperative Learning in Middle Schools: Interrelationships of Relationships and Achievement, David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson, and Cary Roseth 2. Enhancing Outcomes in School Science for Pupils During Transitions From Elementary School Using Cooperative Learning, Allen Thurston, Donald Christie, Eleni Karagiannidou, Pauline Murray, Andrew Tolmie, Keith Topping. 3. The Impact of Cross-Age Peer Tutoring on Third and Sixth Graders' Reading Strategy Awareness, Reading Strategy Use, and Reading Comprehension Hilde Van Keer, Ruben Vanderlinde. 4. Cooperative Interactions in Peer Tutoring: Patterns and Sequences in Paired Writing, David Duran.