Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 10 #1, 2015

1. Comprehensive and Critical Review of Middle Grades Research and Practice: 2000-2013, Bogum Yoon, Kathleen F. Malu, Mary Beth Schaefer, Cynthia Reyes, and Kathleen Brinegar

2. Reading and Teaching in an Urban Middle School: Preservice Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Field-Based Experiences, Heather Rogers-Haverback and Molly Mee

3. Examining the Effect of Teacher Read-Aloud on Adolescent Attitudes and Learning, Sylvia Hurst and Priscilla Griffith

4. Translating Pedagogies: Leveraging Students’ Heritage Languages in the Literacy Classroom, Mark B. Pacheco, Samuel S. David, and Robert T. Jiménez

5. Active Learning in the Middle Grades Classroom: Overcoming the Barriers to Implementation, Susan Edwards

6. Fostering a Developmentally Responsive Middle-to-High School Transition: The Role of Transition Supports, Cheryl R. Ellerbrock, Jennifer Denmon, Ruchelle Owens, and Krista Lindstrom