Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 11 #1, 2017

Preface, Larry G. Daniel. The Impact of Middle School Connectedness on Future High School Outcomes in a Black American Sample, Sara Tomek, Anneliese C. Bolland, Lisa M. Hooper, Shannon Hitchcock, and John M. Bolland. Reform‐Oriented Collaborative Inquiry as a Pedagogy for Student Teaching in Middle School, Jessica DeMink‐Carthew. Associations of Teacher Autonomy Support and Structure With Young Adolescents’ Motivation, Engagement, Belonging, and Achievement, Sarah M. Kiefer and Sarah Pennington. Middle‐School Teachers’ Enacted Beliefs: Negotiating the Nonnegotiables of High‐stakes Accountability Policies, Christy Maranda Howard and Samuel Miller. Disciplinary Literacy in the Middle School: Exploring Pedagogical Tensions, Abbey C. K. Graham, Shea N. Kerkhoff, and Hiller A. Spires. Using a Personal Learning Framework to Transform Middle Grades Teaching Practice, James Nagle and Don Taylor.