Quarterly Review of Distance Education

Research that Guides Practice

An Official Journal of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology

Editor: Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University

Indexed in DE HUB

Volume 9 #3, 2008

Qualitative Investigation of Doctoral Students' Learning Experiences in Online Research Methods Courses, Jae Hoon Lim, Sharon A. Dannels and Ryan Watkins.

The Effects of E-Mail Messages in a Distance Learning University on Perceived Academic and Social Support, Academic Satisfaction, and Coping, Tali Heiman.

Adventure Learning: Educational, Social, and Technological Affordances for Collaborative Hybrid Distance Education, Aaron Doering, Charles Miller, and George Veletsianos.

The Relationship Between Students' Perceived Sense of Community and Satisfaction, Achievement, and Retention in an Online Course, Michelle A. Drouin.

Distinguishing Sense of Community and Motivation Characteristics Between Online and Traditional College Students Mervyn J. Wighting, Jing Liu, and Alfred P. Rovai.

Online Social Presence: Score Validity of the Computer-Mediated Communication Questionnaire, Cherng-Jyh Yen.

Differences Between Males and Females Concerning Perceived Electronic Mail Appropriateness, Vernon B. Harper, Jr. INTERNATIONAL:
Lya Visser, International Editor.

MBA Programs Between Ensuring Quality and Retaining Applicants: The Case of Sultan Qaboos University, Nick-Naser Manochehri, Ali Hamad Al-Badi, Syed Jafar Naqvi, and Ali Nasser Al-Solbi.

The Influence of National Culture Toward Learner Interaction: Shanghai TV University and Wawasan Open University, Wu Bing and Teoh Ai-Ping.

Conference Calendar, Marsha Burmeister.

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Quarterly Review of Distance Education

Quarterly Review of Distance Education

An Official Journal of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology