Quarterly Review of Distance Education

Research that Guides Practice

An Official Journal of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology

Editor: Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University

Indexed in DE HUB

Volume 2 #4, 2001

Distance Education and Online Instruction: Profession or Field?, Michael Simonson.

Limitations of Online Courses for Supporting Constructive Learning, Rose M. Marra and David H. Jonassen.

A Customized Template for Pre-Service Teachers: Analyzing Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Appeal of Developing a Web-Based Lesson, G. Brandon Murry and Francie R. Murry.

Designing Synchronous Distance Education: A Demonstration Project, Tiffany A. Koszalka.

Distance Education, Web-Based Instruction, and Today’s Educator, Jennifer M. Brill.

Student Satisfaction, Self-Efficacy, and the Perception of the Two-Way Audio/ Video Distance Learning Environment: A Preliminary Examination, Julie Reinhart and Paul Schneider.

Why Choose Interactive Instructional Television?, Kim Ryan-Nicholls.

Around the Globe, Steve Wheeler.

Research Abstracts, Eric Plotnick.

Conference Calendar, Marsha L. Burmeister.

Book Reviews

  • Designing and Teaching an On-Line Course: Spinning Your Web Classroom, by Heidi Schweizer, Reviewed by Karen Sneary and Joel Kendall.
  • The Online Teaching Guide: A Handbook of Attitudes, Strategies, and Techniques for the Virtual Classroom, by Ken W. White and Bob H. Weight, Reviewed by Pamela Davis and Suzanne Butler.
  • Facilitating Online Learning: Effective Strategies for Moderators, by George Collison, Bonnie Elbaum, Sarah Haavind, and Robert Tinker, Reviewed by Chih-Hsiung Tu.

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