Quarterly Review of Distance Education

Research that Guides Practice

An Official Journal of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology

Editor: Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University

Indexed in DE HUB

Volume 3 #3, 2002

Organizing the Online Course: The 5 X 5 Rule, Michael Simonson.

Exploring Qualitative Methodologies in Online Learning Environments, Mary Beth Bianco and Allison A. Carr-Chellman.

Method, Media, and Mode: Clarifying the Discussion of Distance Education Effectiveness, J. Thomas Head, Barbara B. Lockee, and Kevin M. Oliver.

Organizing Instructional Content for Web-based Courses: Does a Single Mental Model Exist? Joi L. Moore, Richard E. Downing, and David L. York.

Penn State's Online Adult Education M.Ed. Degree on the World Campus, Eunice N. Askov and Mary Simpson.

Graduate Students Satisfaction with Interactive Televised Courses Based on the SIte of Participation, Fatemeh Zarghami and Cheryl O. Hausafus.

Factors for effective Learning Grops in Face-to-Face and Virtual Environments, Charles R. Graham.

Special Section: Reports from the Field
Using Face-to-Face Tolls for Success in Distance Education, Terry Daniels.

Evaluation of Staff Development and Training Models for Videoconferencing, John T. Burns.

Administrators Prefer Technology-based Distance Education, John Kambutu.

Building and Supporting Student Team Collaboration in the Virtual Classroom, Lisa Hasler-Waters and Wallace Napier.

Around the Globe, Steve Wheeler.

Research Abstracts, Eric Plotnick.

Book Reviews, Karen Murphy, Book Review Editor.

  • Web-Based Training, Badrul H. Khan (Ed.). Reviewed by Wilhelmina C. Savenye.
  • Electroninc Collaborators: Learner-centered Technologies for Literacy, Apprenticeship, and Discourse, Curtis Bonk and Kira King (Eds.). Reviewed by Penne L. Wilson.

  • Conference Calendar, Marsha Burmeister.

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